Welcome to Lakes Medics Ltd

Lakes Medics Ltd is based in Kendal, Cumbria and offer high quality first aid training and event cover, locally and nationwide & internationally. We have a number of vehicles from Ambulances, 4×4 Ambulances, Land Rovers and Response Cars not mentioning two medical trailer units.

Our Event Medics, First Aider and Event Staff are all fully qualified above and beyond being basic First Aiders. The majority are either Medics, EMT’s, Advanced First Aiders or work with the Ambulance Service or other Emergency Services.

All our training staff are qualified instructors, and all have a background within the Healthcare sector or Emergency Services.

We have also been awarded First Aid Training Provider of the Year for Northwest and Manchester. 

We offer regulated, HSE compliant courses for a vast array of companies and OFSTED approved courses for those in the childcare sector.

We also run First Aid courses for people who simply want a basic understanding for their own benefit – particularly popular with those who have recently become new parents, carers or grandparents.

How We Are Different:

* We Guarantee at least one Defibrillator, Oxygen and a Qualified Operator is present at every event we cover, no matter how small.

* All our equipment is tested and calibrated on an annual basis, ensuring its working within the strictest of parameters.

* Our Medical Team hold qualifications and are re-assessed regularly to ensure their continued competence. They are also required to attend regular training. All volunteers are required to keep a clinical portfolio of professional development.

*Lakes Medics volunteer and staff members are subject to a DBS (Criminal Records) check. This is also re-checked on a regular basis.

* We have a manager on call whenever events are in operation to help assist clients and provide clinical and procedural support for our own team.