• A practical kit that provides everything required to safely clean-up, contain, and dispose of sharp biohazard materials. Each application is individually wrapped, and marked with simple step-by-step instructions for safe biohazard control. Compact aura boxes are reliable and robust, with the colour-coded clips to keep the box tightly shut, creating a dustproof, and water-resistant location to store materials.
  • Acid Attack Kit

    in Green Rucksack First aid kit designed exclusively to deal with the alarming rise of chemical related attacks on our nations streets.The Acid Attack Kit includes chemical resistant PPE to ensure the safety of the first responder and also incorporates the proven acid and alkali neutralising effects of Reliwash Redcap. CONTENTS 1 Chemical Safety Goggles 1 Cling Film, Roll 30cm x 60m 2 Dressings, HSE Large 18cm x 18cm 4 Eye Wash Redcap™, Bottles 500ml 2 Eye Wash, Pods 20ml 1 Face Mask, Valve 1 Gloves, Chemical Resistant, Pair 1 Guidance Leaflet 1 Shears 1 Universal Indicator Paper, 20 strips 2 Waste Bags
  • AED Prep Kit

    Contains the basic items typically required for an AED Emergency. CONTENTS 1 Gloves, Pair 2 Hand Towels 1 Razor, Disposable 1 Resuscitation Device 1 Shears 1 Waste Bag, Clinical 2 Wipes, Cleansing
  • Ambulance Green Wooly Hat
  • Compact. Audible tone guide CPR compression speed. Pre-programmed to110 beat per minute, adjustable. Display visible in all light conditions. Long-life renewable battery included. The Beat CPR device provides first aiders with a clear, audible tone, helping maintain the compression rhythm at optimum efficiency. The device is pre-set at 110 beats per minute, which may be increased or reduced by the user.
  • 2 Body Fluid Clean-up Applications 12 Gloves, Pairs Single Body Fluid Application, contains: 1 Absorbent Granules 10g 1 Apron, Polythene 1 Gloves, Pair 1 Sanitizer Spray 8ml 1 Scoop Scraper 1 Tissues, Pack 10 1 Waste Bag 1 Wipe, Cleansing 2 Wipes, Dry
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    CPR key chain, Ideal to carry with you in case you come across a cardiac arrest.
  • Contents 2 Dressing, Haemostatic 2 Dressings, Trauma, Large 1 Foil Blanket, Adult 2 Gloves, Pairs 1 Guidance Leaflet 1 Shears 1 Tourniquet
  • Eye Pod Station

    Compact aura boxes are practical, yet attractive, making them particularly suitable for use in public areas. The colour-coded safety clip keeps the cases tightly shut, creating an airtight, dustproof, and water-resistant location for sterile contents. A practical kit which enables fast and effective treatment for eye irrigation. Ideal for small environments. Designed to be used on minor eye irritation only.