Television Unit and Film Medical Services

Based in Cumbria we have 18 years experience of providing medical support services to  film & television productions, adverts and music videos across the UK.

Our experience allows us to meet the needs of our clients ranging from covering large stunts with multiple medical units to providing day to day unit medical cover for any production. All Lakes Medics qualified medical professionals attend set in recognisable uniform with a fully equipped medical kit bag.

At Lakes Medics we fully understand the unique demands of a filming environment and always respect our clients confidentiality and copyright.

We provide the appropriate personnel and equipment to cover all requirements including ambulances, 4×4 ambulances, pop up medical units, medical tents to supplement ambulances and we can create treatment rooms in existing temporary structures or production offices.

We can provide any level of cover anywhere to meet your needs, please contact us today to find out what we can offer.

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“Professional and Smart Medical team,

gave Excellent Patient Care

and Very Experienced in the

TV & Film Industry.”

Mike (Sky One)

Covid 19 Supervisors (TV & Film Sets)

As the industry moved from lockdown back to productivity – major changes to the way we work were required to keep cast & crew safe, and to limit the spread of coronavirus. Even as a vaccine looks likely and vaccination programmes start for the most vulnerable groups, proper Covid Security is, unfortunately, going to be part of the film & TV production landscape for some time yet.

Lakes Medics can help. We have trained many staff to support you on set as “Covid Supervisors” . These crew members are an essential measure to maintain on set vigilance throughout your shooting days.

Their duties might start with simple “pre admission” health screening before anyone enters your set or studio. Of course anyone can wave a forehead thermometer around – but our staff will back up any screening “fails” with accurate clinical measurements and a robust action plan in the event that anyone fails health screening.

Lakes Medics, will then work to tactfully monitor and ensure that your agreed control measures, such social distancing, PPE and movement flows are being safely maintained and observed by everyone – even when your crews are completely focused on what they do best – making films.

Our team will also check that hygiene facilities are available, used and restocked and, of of course, answer any “best practice” questions that crop up on the day.

Only by having an appointed person to inform and, if necessary, enforce necessary measures can a production truly prevent inevitable “lapses” back into familiar habits that may put everyone at risk.

Lakes Medics Designated “on Set” Covid Supervisors in October 2019 include Qualified and experienced medics who have worked as part of our NHS.

At the end of your shoot day your Covid Supervisor will hand you a detailed report outlining the checks undertaken, any issues found and subsequent action taken. Remember – Covid Safety is an integral part of a your statutory health & safety obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Although this is all relatively new, we believe that, in the event of an incident, inspection or, worse still, legal claim against a production – having proper documentation to evidence that checks and measures were made each day may prove as important as PAT testing certificates for electrical equipment, fire extinguishers servicing records or safety check documents on ladders or lifting equipment – all things we would not work without.

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